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The origin story

In a world where a secret society of apes guarded their domains, an Ape named Jangles faced attacks endangering their existence. During a cyber mosquito invasion, a mysterious Serum was airdropped from the sky, mutating Jangles into a Mutant Ape with incredible strength. The secret society of apes soon followed, becoming Mutant Apes too. Driven by scientific curiosity, Jangles tirelessly recreated the Serum, sharing it with humans worldwide, who upon consumption, gained heightened energy and focus. And so, Serum Energy Drink came into existence...

Born From

Born From Culture

While casually fishing, Jangles accidentally spilled some Serum. Little did he know that tadpoles in the water would consume the Serum and transform into Mutant Tadpoles, otherwise known as Mutatoads...

blurring the lines
between Physical
and digital

They Love it

some of our

Comic Con

Serum attends Comic Con in collaboration with Asus/ROG, the biggest gaming brand in the world.

FORJ & Pixels

FORJ and Tastemakerz help Serum to integrate into Pixels game as an in-game asset.

Blockchain Africa

Official energy drink sponsor of the Blockchain Africa event.


FORJ features Serum in their pitch deck used to pass AIP-209.

Serum Animation

Serum product animation was released on Twitter and has racked up over 250,000 impressions.


Collaborations with established projects such as WAGMI Games, Mintify, and Tastemakerz.

who we have
worked with


concept corner

Dive into our imagination—these concepts are potential blueprints, not promises.

Staking Station

Stake yo chips ser!

Mutation Station

Embody your Mutatoad.

Drink Tech

The future of beverage consumption.

Game Tech

Well, it's a game...